Deliciously easy fritters are loaded up with haloumi, zucchini & pops of sweetcorn, before being pan-fried until golden. Served with our glorious roasted capsicum romesco sauce & a beautiful fresh salad of rocket, avocado, fresh herbs & cherry tomatoes.

Supplier Highlights: Carnarvon grown zucchini, sweetcorn & cherry tomatoes, Wanneroo herbs, TLPWTM Romesco Sauce, Gourmet Selections Rocket, Little Creek Pastured Egg

Dr Amelia's (Our Dietitian) Notes: "Many of the homemade sauces in Little Pig meals contain nutritious foods, such as the almonds, capsicum, olive oil and garlic in this romesco sauce."

Allergens: This meal includes halloumi (milk), egg, flour (wheat), TLPWTM Romesco Sauce (tree nuts) and fetta (milk) as core ingredients. Peanut oil is present and can be substituted with olive oil when cooking.

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