Hoisin & garlic marinated mushrooms are tossed through a glorious fried rice, full of
finely diced carrot, snow peas, fluffy basmati rice & pops of sweet corn. Topped with a
spring onion & pastured egg omelette, fresh lime, chilli to taste, fresh coriander & crunchy peanuts.

Supplier Highlights: Little Creek Pastured Free Range Eggs, Casuarina Mushrooms,
Carnarvon Corn, Southwest WA Carrots

Dr Amelia's (Our Dietitian) Notes: "The cooked vegetables, crunchy nuts and fresh herbs in this dish expose people to delicious flavour combinations vegetarian dishes can offer."

Allergens: This meal includes egg, TLPWTM Mushroom Marinade (soybeans, wheat & sesame seeds), TLPWTM Ginger oil (sesame seeds, peanuts) and TLPWTM Drizzle Sauce
(soybeans & wheat) as core ingredients. Peanuts are present and can easily be omitted
when serving.

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