Order Haloumi & Sweet Potato Palak Paneer

Delivered on:
Monday 16th August

Cubes of sweet potato, fresh tomato and english spinach are gently simmered in stock and a freshly made curry paste infused with cashew nuts, ginger, garam masala and cumin to create a veg infused palak paneer style curry. Squares of haloumi are seared and then dropped into the curry before being served over fluffy basmati rice and crunchy pappadums.

Supplier Highlights: Gourmet Selections Spinach, Carnarvon Sweet Potatoes

Dr Amelia's (Our Dietitian) Notes: "Haloumi is a great source of protein and very high in calcium. It’s also quite salty but this is outweighed by the huge amount of veggies in this dish (keeping the overall sodium content low)."

Allergens: This meal contains yoghurt (milk), halloumi (milk), cashews & TLPWTM Curry Paste (tree nuts). Peanut oil is used for cooking and can easily be substituted with olive oil.

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