Order Palak Haloumi Paneer Style Curry

Delivered on:
Tuesday 7th June

Cubes of sweet potato, fresh tomato and English spinach are gently simmered in stock and a freshly made curry paste infused with cashew nuts, ginger, garam masala and cumin to create a veg infused palak paneer style curry. Squares of haloumi are seared and then dropped into the curry before being served over fluffy basmati rice and crunchy pappadums.

Supplier Highlights: 
Gourmet Selections Spinach, Carnarvon Sweet Potatoes, TLPWTM Curry Paste

Amelia's (Our Dietitian) Notes: "Sweet potato, spinach and brown onions are all in season in WA now. This reduces the environmental impact of this dish, and maximises its nutritional value!"

Allergens: This meal contains yoghurt (milk), halloumi (milk), cashews & TLPWTM Curry Paste (tree nuts). Peanut oil is used for cooking and can easily be substituted with olive oil.

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