Lovely lasagne? That's layers of our incredible fresh basil pesto, creamy polenta, marinated eggplant, fresh zucchini, creamy fetta & a beautifully garlickly tomato sugo, all topped with a golden panko & parmesan crust.

Served with garlic & rosemary Turkish bread from Mary Street Bakery & a vibrant salad of mixed leaves, lemon marinated shaved fennel, wedges of juicy orange & creamy avocado. Add fresh herbs and a drizzle of our balsamic & evoo dressing. sensationally crisp salad

Feeds: 6-8 Hungry Piglets | Total Prep & Cooking Time: 1.5 hours (30 min prep, 1 hour cook)

Allergens: The lasagne contains parmesan (milk), panko breadcrumbs (wheat), butter (milk), feta (milk), pine nuts (tree nuts) & TLPWTM Pesto (milk, tree nuts) as core ingredients. The garlic bread contains bread (wheat), butter (milk) & parmesan (milk) as core ingredients. 

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