Order Slow Cooked Coconut Beef Curry

Delivered on:
Monday 8th November

Low & slow baby! WA grass fed beef is coated in our glorious fresh curry paste, fragrant with lemongrass, garam masala, ginger & garlic, before being lightly seared. Add toasted coconut, creamy coconut milk & simmer on low for a glorious 3 hours until tender & falling apart. Served on fluffy cardamon spiked basmati rice with warmed roti breads, a squeeze of fresh lime, oodles of herbs, chilli to taste, crunchy fried shallots & peanuts. 

Cumin Roasted Sweet Potato & Cauliflower w Yoghurt Dressing

Cumin & olive oil roasted sweet potato & cauliflower is tossed through with crunchy peanuts & lightly wilted baby spinach leaves. Piled onto a platter with herbed yoghurt & an excellent attitude.

Feeds: 4-6 Hungry Piglets.

Total Prep & Cooking Time: 4 hours - (1 hour prep + 3 hours slow cook).

Allergens: This meal includes TLPWTM Curry Paste (peanuts) as a core ingredient. Roti bread (wheat, milk), peanuts & yoghurt (milk) are present and can easily be omitted when serving. 

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