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Delivered on:
Monday 18th July

Two x 1L of milk are included in your delivery.

Got milk? You will, with this little delight being delivered to your door every Monday! Start the week off right and pat yourself on the back come early Tuesday AM when you go to make your coffee & get to use the fresh, creamy deliciousness that is either full fat or skim milk from the WA legends at Bannister Downs. Not into dairy delights. That's okay the team from MILKLAB have been busy milking the tiny udders of almonds for your dairy free drinking. Choose from either full cream, skim milk, or Almond. OR don't pick any milk your rebellious swine.

Supplier Highlights: Bannister Downs Dairy are based in Northcliffe, on an almost century old, family run farm. Home to more than 2000 Holstein Fresian cows, the Bannister Downs team are leading the way in transparent, ethical dairy farming. Their processes, ethics & beautiful milk made them an easy choice for us to add them to our #locallegends list of suppliers.

Supplier Highlights: MILKLAB is an Australian company that developed a range of amazing milk through the collaboration between foodies, baristas & farmers. The almond milk we have to offer, is formulated to go wonderfully with coffee so you can start your day on the right note!

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