Kailis skinless salmon fillets are marinated in soy, rice wine vinegar & sesame, before being pan seared until crispy. Flaked into bowls of silky rice noodles, crunchy shredded cos, cucumber, snow peas & oodles of fresh Thai basil, coriander & a squeeze of lime. Top with fresh chilli, crunchy fried peanuts & shallots & a drizzle of our lemongrass & sesame dressing.

Supplier Highlights: Kailis Skinless Salmon Fillets, Wanneroo Herbs, Carnarvon Snow peas & Cucumber

Amelia's (Our Dietitian) Notes: "Unsaturated fats can help lower LDL cholesterol and increase the amount of protective HDL cholesterol in the blood. The salmon in this dish is a great source of polyunsaturated fats (mainly omega 3 fatty acids) and the peanut oil are high in monounsaturated fats."

Allergens: This meal includes TLPWTM Salmon Marinade (soybeans, sesame seeds) and TLPWTM Noodle Dressing (fish, sesame seeds) as core ingredients. Peanuts are present and can easily be omitted when serving.

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