WA grass fed beef comes sliced & ready marinated in soy sauce, white pepper & peanut oil. Seared then tossed through our handmade fresh peanut satay sauce & served over fluffy basmati rice. Add crunchy fried shallots & a delightfully crisp side salsa of spring onion, fresh mint, apple, finely diced cucumber & snow peas.

Supplier Highlights: WA grass fed beef (sliced & marinated), Manjimup Apples, Wanneroo Herbs & Cucumbers, TLPWTM Satay Sauce

Amelia's (Our Dietitian) Notes: "Fun fact: Peanuts are an excellent source of plant-based protein, they contain about 25% protein plus dietary fibre, iron and other goodies."

Allergens: This meal includes TLPWTM Beef Marinade (soybeans, peanuts) and TLPWTM Satay Sauce (peanuts, soybeans) as core ingredients. TLPWTM Slaw Dressing (sesame seeds) is present and can be omitted when preparing.

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