Fresh skinless salmon fillets are marinated in sesame, ginger & soy sauce, before being pan seared until crispy. Flaked into bowls of nourishing brown rice with crunchy carrot, cucumber & radish, finely diced spring onion & oodles of fresh mint & coriander. Top with creamy avocado wedges & a drizzle of our lemongrass, kafir lime dressing.

Supplier Highlights: Kailis Skinless Salmon Fillets, Wanneroo Grown Fresh Herbs & Radish

Dr Amelia's (Our Dietitian) notes:  “The natural colour in fruits and vegetables corresponds with specific nutrients and phytochemicals. So, try to eat a variety of nutrients by thinking about colour. This rainbow poke bowl is a great example."

Allergens: This meal includes TLPWTM Salmon marinade (soybeanssesame seeds) and TLPWTM Rice Dressing (sesame seedsfisheggsoybeans) as core ingredients.

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