Order Hanoi Style Snapper Noodle Bowls

Delivered on:
Monday 13th December

Fresh Northwest WA snapper fillets are cubed and tossed through an incredible Hanoi style turmeric marinade, before being pan seared, then gently folded through a vibrant salad of silky rice noodles, crunchy snow peas, carrot & cucumber wisps & oodles of fresh dill. Top with a squeeze of fresh lime, golden fried shallots, crunchy peanuts & fresh chilli to taste.

Supplier Highlights: Northwest WA Snapper, Wanneroo grown herbs, Carnarvon Snow Peas

Dr Amelia's (Our Dietitian) Notes: "Flavouring with fresh herbs and spices means meals such as this stay low in salt. Reducing salt intake is particularly important for people with high blood pressure."

Allergens: This meal contains TLPWTM Snapper Marinade (fishpeanuts) as a core ingredient. Peanuts are present and can easily be omitted when serving.

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