By purchasing from This Little Pig Went to Market, you are agreeing to all conditions set out below. We may have a brainwave and change the T’s & C’s from time to time, so it is recommended by legal people to check over these before each order.

All orders & final payments for your orders must be in by 7pm every Thursday to ensure your delicious delivery on that following Monday

You are able to cancel up until 5pm Thursday with a full refund, after that the delivery will go ahead. If you will not be available to use the delivered box, you may choose to donate your box to someone in need (you can pick, as long as they are in the delivery area, or we can pick someone for you). That’d be nice wouldn’t it! 

If you will not be home & you're concerned our fabulous drivers might struggle to find your address or somewhere to leave the box, please make arrangements and leave specific delivery instructions on the checkout page for our drivers to follow. If the box delivery is tricky (ie. Having to leave it in a lobby or on a busy street) we will deliver tentatively but will not be held responsible if your box trots off with a new owner.

This Little Pig is growing it's trotters and so at the moment can’t trot as far as some would like.  To avoid a disappointing “sorry you live to far away from this little pig” email, please check the delivering zones before placing your order.

Our boxes are designed to stay sealed up and cold for up to 7 hours, if you cannot unpack your box before this time, then we will have a problem of a bad hot box (and no one needs to see a sweaty chicken breast). So please keep this in mind as it is your responsibility to unpack all items into the correct storage areas before the expiry time.

As the customer, it is also your responsibility to ensure your delivery details are correct and up to date.  If the box cannot be delivered due to inaccurate delivery details, we will try our hardest to find you, however if we cannot find you in time for the food to stay safely fresh you will still be charged full price and not be fed, alas!

This Little Pig Went to Market reserves the right to choose to not deliver to certain areas, suburbs or to customers as it deems appropriate. (This however has never happened, but our terribly smart legal pigs have made us put this here...)

Once we have delivered the box at your property, the box becomes your responsibility and This Little Pig Went to Market will accept no liability for theft, weather, or other damages to your box. (However we will try our hardest to make sure the box is safe as houses before we leave it at your house).

Our aim is to deliver all boxes within the promised times, however life is very messy and we ask that you accept that some deliveries may not be on time.  We will endeavor to communicate our whereabouts if this happens, so stay close to your phones & facebook, especially on stormy winter days.

We go through hell and high water to make sure that we buy the freshest ingredients and produce and store it in optimum condition right up until the moment you receive it.  As our customer, it is your responsibility to check and approve all of your produce before consuming it and let us know if there are any ingredients not up to standard or (surely not) missing.  Please use common sense to ensure the ingredients stay well up to standard and ensure you eat the produce within the recommended time stated on the box.

If (heaven forbid) you are in any way, shape or form unhappy with your ingredients that are delivered, please contact us immediately and we will ensure that we rectify the problem, whether it be replacement products, a full refund or a giant bunch of sunflowers and an apology note.  We will endeavor to fix the problem within 3 days of receiving wind of your dilemma.

At This Little Pig Went to Market, we are intolerant to nothing and therefore we find it hard to keep this in mind when packing up the boxes.  At this stage This Little Pig Went to Market boxes may contain traces of nuts, shellfish, love and other items that are considered allergens (although we try our hardest to keep these kind of things separate).  Please check the ingredients list before digesting any of the delicious items and if you have any queries or concerns please feel free to contact us.  We are looking forward to providing a gluten free range as this Little Pig grows upwards and outwards, but we are not quite there yet, feel free however to substitute in your own gluten free options with our ingredients.

Any details we collect on you is stored in the little pig vault in a secured location and is used for business information only. We use eWay and CBA Bank for all payment transactions and storage of details. It is not given out to any third parties or any creepy or annoying individuals or companies.

We’ll try to only contact you if you have signed up for our updates via text and email, occasionally however we will need to make contact with you if there is something we need to check in your delivery, payment or product. You can contact us between 8am & 5pm however. Apart from perhaps between midnight and 6 am, as we generally like to sleep then.

We will store your personal information for 12 months (email, mobile phone etc), in case you change your mind and want to return to the Little Pig fold, this will assist that process. However after this time we will gather all your information and throw it into the big black online cyber abyss recycle bin and from then on, only refer to you occasionally with a heavy sigh and wistful smile.

We try and give you balanced meals that aren’t going to give you a minute on the lips and a lifetime on the hips. With all our meals we have a variety of fresh vegetables and try to get a few serves in with every meal. We use local (where possible), free range produce and keep everything as unprocessed as possible.  So in a nutshell we have planned the meals with as much fresh vegetables and as little salt and fat as we can muster whilst still keeping it delicious and satisfying.

When you order off This Little Pig Went to Market, you are not driving to and from the shops in your fuel guzzling car, you’re not spending a fortune on giant un-eco friendly plastic tubs of fruit and vegetables and carrying them home in a myriad of plastic bags and you’re not letting half your veg rot in the bottom of your fridge!

This Little Pig, will do one big shop for all of mankind and deliver, using recyclable cardboard boxes, and where possible, recyclable sugarcane containers and biodegradable plastic to ensure that our packages are environmentally friendly.  We shop locally to avoid the travel miles and we are always looking at ways to save the planet for our children’s children, so if you have any suggestions on ways we can cut down further please feel free to contact us with your ideas.