Who is this little pig?

“With life getting busier, This Little Pig makes life just that little bit easier, by delivering simple, good-for-you meal kits to your door that are, most importantly, bloody delicious. Everything you need comes in the box, from marinated meats to dressing to finish the dish. All you have to do is throw it all together (with the funny and adorable instructions clearly laid out for you), and nothing takes longer than 40 minutes.“
– Bri from Eats Meets West

Where does This Little Pig go to Market?

At This Little Pig, we believe that only the happiest cows, chickens, pigs, eggs, vegetables, fruit and dairy find their way to your table.

We only serve free range meat and eggs and wherever possible we use local eco friendly produce, packaging and solutions.

Where is This Little Pig based?

This Little Pig is born, raised and based in Perth, Western Australia.

See the map below to see if you're in the delivery zone.