A home delivery of all the ingredients you need to cook 2-4 gourmet dinners for 2 or 4 people. This includes hand mixed sauces, salad dressings and marinades, vacuum sealed free range meat and every ingredient portioned perfectly. We deliver it to your door in eco recyclable packaging and a cooler box. All you need to do is follow the easy step-by-step recipe card to cook a fresh Dietitian approved midweek meal.

What are your meal kit options?

This Little Pig offers two meal kits to choose from:

The Original Omnivore, with four different meals for 2 or 4 people, incorporating meat and seafood and the option to upgrade to double protein serves.

The Grazing Flexitarian, which offers two vegetarian meals for 2 or 4 people.

We provide every single ingredient + the recipes and you to do the chopping, mixing and cooking, as that is where the fun and relaxation lies.

We deliver to the following areas on a Monday between 9am & 6pm (and we'll send you a text message in the morning so you know your delivery is coming!) 

Not in our area? Don't panic, we are expanding all the time in response to demand, so please email us with your postcode as the subject line at: info@thislittlepigwenttomarket.com.au and we will endeavour to get to your area ASAP.

We provide every single item, right down to the foil, drop of oil and sprinkling of spice, all you need to do is have your kitchen utensils ready and an expectant empty belly.

This Little Pig recommends a cooktop, oven and microwave (we give you microwave alternatives if you're part of the anti-microwave movement - yes that's a thing). A medium fry pan, oven tray, pot, spatula, grater, peeler, sieve and a great attitude. You won’t use all these utensils every time but this is generally the key to happy cooking times.

Currently we deliver every Monday, with orders closing on the previous Monday night at 6pm for delivery the following week. The meals are fresh as daisies and we provide information on each recipe card & expiry dates on the meat/seafood packaging on when you should eat that particular meal by. 

We also offer a Friday delivery day for our delicious weekend packs! You can check out the menu for those here.

We deliver between 9am and 6pm on Monday's in a glorious cooler box that keeps all the produce sexy, fresh (it also looks quite glamorous!) and cool until 7pm the day of delivery. We are looking into providing a pickup service in the future from Little Pig HQ, but for the moment sit back, relax and we'll do the driving! On the day of delivery, we send out a text message to confirm your delivery is on the road - unfortunately we can’t alter our couriers routes to suit your schedule (sorry piglets).

That's okay, This Little Pig has gone to market and sourced an insulated box that can handle the elements up until 7pm the day of delivery. We have sat in a box in temperatures up to 35 degrees and measured ourselves and found through numerous sweaty days in the sun, that this box is a reliable option. If you are in a secure complex, we will try to give you a more specific delivery time when we will be arriving (just let us know) but we do require someone to be at home to receive the parcel (and to pop the packaging out the next week). Otherwise, you can arrange to have it dropped to your closest friends house perhaps? Just get creative!

Becoming a committed pig is a fabulous option, it's the commitment of deliciousness with none of the usual strain and boredom of a long term relationship.

It takes the hassle out of trying to remember to get your order in on time and just leaves regular food, glorious food. Simply select the 'want to save 6% per box' option when you order your mealkit and you will get given a lovely account that you can login and pause, cancel or change your orders around (for more info on how to do that see FAQ's at the bottom of this page). 

You will be debited weekly on Monday night at 5.30pm for the following week's delivery and then we will deliver a box of deliciousness to your door with no fuss, no stress and no thinking. If you would like a break or are heading away for the weekend, just login into your account before Monday 5.30pm the week before your next delivery and press 'skip' and the bacon will be paused for that week.

If for some unexpected reason you do need to cancel a processed order, please get in touch with us ASAP. 

*Note: you don't need to re-order every week - the account will do that for you.

*Note x 2: You can select weekly, fortnightly or every 3 weeks for deliveries - "how convenient!" we hear you yell!

Ahhhh yes this an awkward thing, but sadly our favourite animal is also extremely delicious, so alas...we must push on..and not mention it very often.

  1. Select the options you want and head to your shopping cart.
  2. On the page where you enter your shipping details, you will see on the right hand side of the page, blue writing: "Have a discount code? Click here to enter it."
  3. Click on the writing and add in your discount code.

Not working?

Check that your gift voucher is still valid (valid 12 months from purchase date) and that you have used uppercase letters and included the '-' dash if there is one. Out of date? Yeah we know how you feel, just send us an email and we should be okay to honour it for you.

Still not working?

Squeal with outrage and call Katherine immediately on 0401 731 783 in a nice friendly and understanding manner and This Little Pig will put it right.

It sure is piglets, read all about our dietitian, the amazing Dr Amelia Harray and what she has to oink about over here.

Committed Piglet FAQ's

How do I get started now that I'm a Committed Piglet?

Just go to the “Account" at the top right of the website - log in (if you’ve never logged in before you will have to click on “first time logging into your account? CLICK HERE". *Make sure you use the same email as the one you ordered with and then once logged in, click where it says: “click here to manage your subscription”

How do I pause or cancel my order?

To pause: In your account, click on the arrow next to “manage” and go down to “upcoming orders” and then under there you can skip up to 7 weeks meals.

To cancel: (nooooo piglet don’t leave us!) click on the arrow next to “manage” and go down to “delete order”. Sob – farewell.

I need to change my address?

Click on the arrow next to “manage” and go down to “update address” and type all your fan-dangled new address details in there.

I want my deliveries weekly instead of fortnightly?

What a fabulous idea! In your account under the column that says “frequency” just click on that and edit the number to suit your needs whether it be weekly, fortnightly or so on and so forth.