About Us

Who is this little pig?

“With life getting busier, This Little Pig makes life just that little bit easier, by delivering simple, good-for-you meal kits to your door that are, most importantly, bloody delicious. Everything you need comes in the box, from marinated meats to dressing to finish the dish. All you have to do is throw it all together (with the funny and adorable instructions clearly laid out for you), and nothing takes longer than 40 minutes.“
– Bri from Eats Meets West

Katherine - Co-director of Deliciousness

Jessica - Co-director of Deliciousness

Bron - Produce/Team Wellness

Angela - Kitchen Manager

Michael - Finance

Pete - Logistics

Amelia - Dietitian

Click here for Amelia's healthy piglet FAQ's.

Where does This Little Pig go to Market?

At This Little Pig, we believe that only the happiest cows, chickens, pigs, eggs, vegetables, fruit and dairy find their way to your table.

We only serve free range meat and eggs and wherever possible we use local eco friendly produce, packaging and solutions.

Warren Grange Heirloom Vegetables

Enjoyed a "Funky Pumpkin" (TM) in one of your Little Pig meals recently? The're grown on a beautiful property down south by Heirloom vegetable legends Rick and Barbara Scoones.

"Warren Grange was established in 2011 with the purpose of growing rarely seen and unusual vegetables. If they are strange, funky or otherwise different, then they're our specialties. We love the mix of visual beauty with fabulous old flavours which appeal to today's discerning palates. We are passionate about introducing heirloom vegetables to consumers, and love it when our customers get excited about trying them and experimenting with new recipes."

Eggcellent Eggs

"At Little Creek Pastured Eggs, our ladies roam wild & free just like nature intended. With their own bodyguards Starskie & Hutch the alpacas, they are safe to forage through fresh grass, sunbake, take dust baths & produce delicious eggs. From paddock to plate, we hope you enjoy eating them as much as we do!"

Cheers, Noelle & Steve (Little Creek Pastured Eggs)

Fresh Pasta

The fabulous team at Golden Ravioli go way beyond the call of duty to ensure the freshest local produce is supplied. Using all locally sourced ingredients this family run business creates divine pasta's, sauces and pre-prepared meals. Go in there and try to resist the selection, This Little Pig dares you.

Oodles of Noodles

Noodle Forum

The best noodles are fresh noodles! This Little Pig adores the handmade goodness from chef Erich Wong at Noodle Forum, who creates magic using the art of bamboo kneading (a lost artform) to produce perfect noodles. Outragously good in stir fry’s, salads or soups, make sure you pop into Noodle Forum for a meal and some some take home goodness! The lovely Queen of Bad Timing recently wrote a great review describing her dining experience here.


Lawley's Bakery

Lawley’s bakery churns out the most phenomenal soft fluffy bread that could be used to make pillows for the gods. Lawley's Traditional and Sourdough breads are hand moulded and slowly fermented, so that they can mature and develop their full natural flavours. This bread should come with a warning that says “warning: without supervision this whole loaf may be consumed in one sitting when purchased still warm and served with salted French butter.” Pop into one of their many shops to inhale the goodness.

Flat Bread

Efes Bakery

Aykut and Sara have been around since 1998 and one bite of this delightful pillowy bread will confirm that yes they’ve had a bit of practice. In keeping with their time honoured traditions, each piece of bread is individually hand shaped using only the finest West Australian ingredients, before being baked in traditional stone based ovens. The result is a delicious home-grown authentic Turkish bread to be enjoyed fresh by all piglets. Wrap yourself up in a soft pita bread and yell “I’m a falafel!” this stuff is the good stuff!

Relishes, Chutneys, Jams & Baked Goods

Duck Duck Mother Goose 

The girls at Duck Duck Mother Goose are just gorgeous. Not only do they have the most amazing relishes, chutneys, jams and baked goods, they are super nice humans as well. Sharing This Little Pig’s ethos of locally grown produce, the ladies beautifully packaged wares have ingredients that use words we can all understand. Now isn’t that a nice change? Drool over their luscious items here. Just quietly, This Little Pig can thoroughly recommend the pear chutney with a generous wedge of soft cheese – its out of this world piglets

Olive Oil

Red-Tail Ridge Organic Olive Oil

This Little Pig absolutely loves the golden organic olive oil it gets from Peter & Robyn at Red-Tail Ridge. Once, in an unfortunate accident This Little Pig knocked the nozzle and ended up with 3 litres of the glorious olive oil on the floor. Never one to lose an opportunity, This Little Pig whipped off it’s clothes and rolled around in it to moisturize its hide. So not only is this olive oil tried and tested as the best in the land to cook with, it’s also an amazing moisturizer. Tested by yours truly all in the name of science. Check Peter and Robyn’s glorious products out here or at Clontarf markets on Manning road every Saturday morning.


Borrello Cheese Company

Borrello Cheese was established over 40 years ago. The company is now in its third generation, with Vince & Teresa Borrello and their three daughters Maree, Julia and Lisa running the business. This Little Pig has heard rumours of people travelling literally kilometers across Perth to source these sublime products. So piglets, what are you waiting for? Buy some beautiful Borrello today, This Little Pig certainly will be.


Spice Mama

Shaheen is the lovely lady behind Spice Mama and surely there is not a nicer human to be found. The spices this amazing woman concocts can truly blow your mind. Not only are they packaged beautifully (which always gets This Little Pig’s heart racing), they taste divine and come with easy to follow instructions. Re-create India at home with one of her glorious spice packs and have a spice experience of the century.


Catalano's Seafood

Fish must surely be one of This Little Pig’s favourite things. This fine establishment, is a West Australian family business, who bring the best quality fish and seafood from Australia, in the absolute best possible condition to your table. They consistently serve up sensational fillets of freshly caught fish, portioned and packaged perfectly for our meal kits. This fine swine barely goes a weekend without slurping down some of their glossy oysters and considers Catalano's a must visit business.

Frank Torre Butchers


We source all our free-range local meat from Frank Torres Butchers in Bulwer St, Mt Lawley. Go in and say hello to the lovely butchers and we promise you that you will be mildly overwhelmed with the sheer gloriousness of their produce. (This Little Pig has never left the store without at least 2 giant T-bone steaks).

Fruit & Vegetables

 This Little Pig actually does go to the market several times a week to source the freshest produce available. No avo is left unsqueezed as we quiz our amazing suppliers on what is delicious & where it comes from.

We aim to use as much local & seasonal produce as possible. You are what you eat & if this is indeed true, you are a WA piglet through & through!

Where is This Little Pig based?

This Little Pig is born, raised and based in Perth, Western Australia.

See the map below to see if you're in the delivery zone.