Sumac, cumin & nutmeg spiced pumpkin & wedges of sweet red onion are roasted until caramelised & added to delicious fresh pizza bases, lavishly spread with our fresh basil pesto. Add chunks of finely chopped marinated beetroot, fresh mozzarella, grated mozzarella & Kalamata olives. Popped back in the oven until all that cheese is a glorious melted puddle, then topped with torn basil & fresh rocket leaves. Yummmm.

Supplier Highlights: Turkish Bakery Pizza Bases, La Delizia Latticini Mozzarella Ball, TLPWTM Fresh Basil Pesto, WA grown Pumpkin, Gourmet Selections Rocket

Amelia's (Our Dietitian) Notes: "I should be writing about nutrition, but I want to share a food fact. Kent pumpkins are also known as jap pumpkins. Jap stands for 'just another pumpkin' but they're really not just another pumpkin, they're delicious and my favourite."

 This meal includes pizza bases (wheat, soy), Mozzarella (milk), TLPWTM Basil Pesto (milk, tree nuts) as core ingredients.

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