Order Salmon with Smashed Potatoes & Thai Pesto

Delivered on:
Monday 22nd August

Fresh skinless salmon fillets are oven roasted with crispy smashed baby potatoes. Served with our glorious fresh Thai style pesto - full of Thai basil, coriander, garlic & lime juice. Add a side of sesame & soy stir fried mushrooms, snow peas & bok choy.

Supplier Highlights: Kailis Salmon Fillets - Skinless, TLPWTM Fresh Thai Pesto, Wanneroo Mushrooms & Bok Choy Carnarvon Snow Peas

Amelia's (Our Dietitian) Notes: "The collection of fresh herbs in the fresh Thai pesto add more than just flavour, they provide more than 1/2 serve of vegetables per person!"

Allergens: This meal contains TLPWTM Potato Spice (soybeans) & TLPWTM Thai Pesto (peanutsfishsoybeans) as core ingredients. Sesame oil (sesame) is used for cooking and can easily be substituted with olive oil. Sesame seeds are present and can easily be omitted when serving.

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