Order Bread (aka Carbs of Happiness)

Delivered on:
Tuesday 7th June

One whole, unsliced loaf is included in your delivery.

Just bread? Nooooo piglets, we like to refer to these beauties from the team at Mary Street Bakery as "carbs of happiness". Choose from a whole, unsliced white fluffy sourdough, a delicious multigrain loaf or a sultana, fig & hazelnut studded fruit loaf. OR go crazy and get two loaves (it's what we do).

Supplier Highlights: These Little Pigs are very excited to be working with the team at Mary Street Bakery to deliver their freshly baked sourdough bread as part of our Bread, Eggs & Milk boxes. Baked fresh in the wee hours of Monday morning, ready for #deliveryday these #carbsofhappiness are nothing like you've tasted before. 

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