Filtered By Zucchini Sweetcorn Haloumi Fritters

Zuchini, Sweetcorn & Haloumi Fritters w Smoked Salmon, Poached Eggs...

May 01 2016

This Little Pig absolutely loves its mum (see last years list of why HERE) and with Mothers Day just around the corner this fine swine thought it was the perfect time to show off a breakfast feast like no other to cook your giver of life. This dish is so incredibly glorious and it is best served on a tray with a rose, a big cup of tea and a handmade card – no matter what your age. When This Little Pig was young, it used to wrap up its mums belongings and then give them back to her as a present “ohhhh it’s my old vase, you REALLY shouldn’t have.” This fine swine was clearly an entrepreneur from a young age. Now however This Little Pig likes their mum to know how much she is loved by feeding her well and spending quality time with her. So whether you’re planning to buy your mum a Ferrari or wrap up one of her old vases as a re-gift, this breakfast on Mothers Day will make her feel super special and as if she’s out at a café but still gets to be in her jim jams with her piglets at home. Oink.