Filtered By Winter Warmer

Creamy, Garlic Chicken & Winter Veg Pie

July 28 2015
It was a cold and wintery day and This Little Pig’s tummy was a’rumbling and the fridge was empty. Even that morning This Little Pig’s main man, a.k.a fiancée, a.k.a The Weaner (he doesn’t like that name but he’ll get used to it) had remarked on how empty the fridge was. Not to be put off by a bare fridge, This Little Pig dived right in and started rustling through the crisper and the freezer for some ingredients.

Apple, Ginger, Rhubarb & Raisin Crumble

July 21 2015

From the day This Little Pig grew teeth, it has loved a good old-fashioned crumble. Everyone has experienced a crumble (surely) and there are multitudes of ways to make them. But what some piglets may not realise is; they are blinking easy to make! A few chops of the knife, some stirring and a little mixing of hands and Bob’s your granddad; you have a dessert ready to pop into the oven at a moment's notice!

Coq Au Vin - It's French for Glorious!

June 24 2015
When it’s cold outside, This Little Pig throws on its beret and leaps into the kitchen to create a French feast of deliciousness. It warms the soul, makes the whole house smell delicious and chicken falling off the bone makes This Little Pig weak at the knees. The worst part of this meal is peeling 12 onions (good looord) but the best part of this meal is that it not only has slow cooked chicken, it has red wine and bacon. Say no more? Indeed! So roll up your French poncho and step into the kitchen to create the classic heartwarming dish, Coq Au Vin.