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Chinese Breakfast Noodle Bowl

April 19 2017
Life for This Little Pig is full of complex and luxurious food that after a while this porcine takes for granted and starts thinking that oysters and lamb chops are fridge staples and “leftovers night” is a quick homemade sundried tomato pesto with roasted cherry tomatoes and lashings of prosciutto. However, every now and then (like after Easter long weekend) this fine swine’s pantry does hit rock bottom and from desperation delicious things are born.

Avocado & Quinoa Sesame Butter Buddha Bowl

April 12 2017
This Little Pig used to be a dedicated carnivore. It would chortle at jokes such as “being a vegetarian is a big missed steak” and when eating vegetarian would say “this is perfect, all it needs is bacon.” Now whilst This Little Pig actually still chortles at that joke and does think that everything is improved with bacon, there has been a real shift in this fine swines mind. Not only is vegetarian a great way to fill your life with veggies, it also has the suprising delight of making one more creative in the kitchen adding nuts and fruits and grains and one can be far less organised because veggies are easy to keep for ages as opposed to meat which has a rather short lifespan and can ruin a whole meal by going off before one is ready to eat it.

Roasted Veg Hummus Freekah Bowl

October 20 2016
This Little Pig had the fortunate experience of going out to breakfast at Henry on Eighth in Maylands the other day. 2 Weeks on, this fine swine is still thinking of the incredible breakfast it had there (does everyone do this or is this piglet alone in this regard?). Therefore with the inability to be able to go to Henry on Eighth every day for breakfast (because that’s socially unacceptable apparently) this piglet decided to roll up it’s sleeves and have a crack at recreating the deliciousness of that meal.