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Pork & Fennel Sausages w Silky Dill Mash & Mushroom, Red Onion Gravy

August 22 2019
This recipe is such a great Winter meal. It’s fabulous for when you have people coming over, as you can make it before hand and then reheat when you sit down to eat, it’s quick to make and it’s so bloody delicious that there will groans of delight around the table.

Spring Salad Bowl.

August 26 2015
T’was a lovely sunny day. The sky was crisp blue, the sun was shining and the first blowfly had been banging against This Little Pigs study since about 10am. Spring was on its way. Inspired by this glorious weather, This Little Pig trotted to the fridge late morning to see what it could get its snout into for lunch. Several items fell out onto This Little Pigs head (sometimes this fine swine has so much food in its fridge it feels quite anxious about it) and immediately a porcine brainwave occurred. A Spring Super Asian Fusion Salad Bowl was the choice for this lovely lunchtime fare.

Spicy Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce - The Game Changer.

August 18 2015
This Little Pig sometimes finds itself in the odd role of confidante of people’s food adventures. In a weird twist of events, people will often whisper/slur their deepest and darkest food secrets to This Little Pig at parties over a bottle of champagne. Such an event happened at a party recently, where their wonderful sworn vegetarian, whispered that whilst in Texas, they consumed a whole platter of buffalo wings (“I’ve never tasted anything so good in my life Little Pig!”). Whilst this fine swine has never been to Texas, it feels inclined to think that there must be something extraordinary about these chicken wings to convert a borderline religious vegetarian to the dark side. Thus this piglet has leapt trotter first into the kitchen to try its hands at spicy buffalo wings and has achieved the most glorious results without the use of a deep fryer (albeit a little bit of butter). This Little Pig sat on its couch and repeatedly muttered the words “mind blown,” as it snacked on these beauties..they are seriously phenomenal.

The Crunchiest Sea Salt & Rosemary Potatoes In The World, Drizzled ...

August 11 2015
Everyone loves potatoes. Surely?! They’re delightful in all their forms. Mashed, baked, roasted, pan fried, deep fried.. the list goes on. So as homage to the delightful vegetable, what This Little Pig tries to do is eat potatoes as much as it can. So far this technique has bought only happiness and therefore this fine swine can recommend it to any piglet wishing to take on such a potato adventure. The recipe below is one that is completely foolproof, delivers stunning results every time and is so moreish. Therefore, it is the perfect spud to serve at a dinner party.

Carrot, Ginger & Orange Cake

August 05 2015

After much carrot cake testing throughout Perth, the search for the perfect carrot cake recipe began. What you see below piglets, is a combo of several tested recipes combined, with the best traits kept in and the worst traits (i.e. walnuts) kept out. It is moist, zingy and completely delightful when you get the odd bite of zesty ginger. Try this out for a friends birthday treat or on a lazy Sunday and be flabbergasted or gob smacked (what wonderful words) that a. you made this delightful cake and b. you got a serve of veggies in, whilst eating cake (haven’t run that one past Amelia the dietitian so don’t quote This Little Pig on that hee hee).

Creamy, Garlic Chicken & Winter Veg Pie

July 28 2015
It was a cold and wintery day and This Little Pig’s tummy was a’rumbling and the fridge was empty. Even that morning This Little Pig’s main man, a.k.a fiancée, a.k.a The Weaner (he doesn’t like that name but he’ll get used to it) had remarked on how empty the fridge was. Not to be put off by a bare fridge, This Little Pig dived right in and started rustling through the crisper and the freezer for some ingredients.

Apple, Ginger, Rhubarb & Raisin Crumble

July 21 2015

From the day This Little Pig grew teeth, it has loved a good old-fashioned crumble. Everyone has experienced a crumble (surely) and there are multitudes of ways to make them. But what some piglets may not realise is; they are blinking easy to make! A few chops of the knife, some stirring and a little mixing of hands and Bob’s your granddad; you have a dessert ready to pop into the oven at a moment's notice!

Silky Chive and Dill Scrambled Eggs on a crunchy Ciabatta with lash...

July 08 2015
This Little Pig likes to visit the Tuck Shop in Northbridge at a minimum of once per week and devour its goat’s curd, tomato and basil bruschetta. However at times, this fine swine can barely drag its trotters out of bed, let alone to Northbridge. Therefore it must come up with a humble substitute to match its coffee and fill its belly. This is the go to breakfast for any days that are a little dull or damp when this porcine needs a LIFT in the form of crispy, crispy bacon and creamy goats cheese.

Sticky Asian Pork Ribs That Change Lives

July 01 2015
This Little Pig has the most incredible sticky pork rib recipe this world has ever seen. It is tender, sticky and juicy and is also one of the most delightful things this fine swine has ever eaten. It would be great served up with cabbage and apple slaw for a light dish or even served with a delightful creamy mash and some lemon brocollini to make it winterier. However, This Little Pig’s favourite serving suggestion is to triple the recipe, serve it in a big bowl with a squeeze of fresh lime and a handful of napkins and a maximum of 2 other people to share it with - (this is not the time to be all noble friends!)

Coq Au Vin - It's French for Glorious!

June 24 2015
When it’s cold outside, This Little Pig throws on its beret and leaps into the kitchen to create a French feast of deliciousness. It warms the soul, makes the whole house smell delicious and chicken falling off the bone makes This Little Pig weak at the knees. The worst part of this meal is peeling 12 onions (good looord) but the best part of this meal is that it not only has slow cooked chicken, it has red wine and bacon. Say no more? Indeed! So roll up your French poncho and step into the kitchen to create the classic heartwarming dish, Coq Au Vin.

Japanese Sesame Beef Burgers with Wasabi Mayonnaise & Pickled Ginger

June 17 2015
This Little Pig loves Japanese food. It has a wonderful friend called Tracey who, with her family, own possibly the best Japanese restaurant in the land. Mikado in Palmyra. After plying Tracey with a few wines, this fine swine likes to gently question her on the ingredients for their restaurants secret sauces and marinades. To date, Tracey has been of the mantra “loose lips sinks ships” and hasn’t given this porcine even one slip on the ingredients. Stay tuned dear readers. Anyway, the point of this story is that This Little Pig loves Japanese and has decided that even without the secretive porcine Tracey’s help, it would come up with its own Japanese inspired beef burger. So roll up your Kimono’s piglets and get stuck into this simply divine boiger recipe. Oink.

Parmesan & Panko Crusted Cauliflower Cheese

June 10 2015
There are some homely meals that no one can cook quite like your mother. For This Little Pig this includes; chicken soup, potato bake, roast chicken, drunken peaches, spaghetti (to name a few) and last but not least cauliflower cheese. This dish is one of This Little Pig’s all time favourite meals. It would chop off a trotter for a giant dish of this on a cold and wet night to accompany a roast chicken. Therefore, whilst This Little Pig was away on the weekend with its parents, this fine swine had a brilliant idea; “mum can do my blog for me.” Genius. So this sneaky porcine got its lovely mum into the kitchen to make the all time famous cauliflower cheese. One young (but old enough to know better) piglet in attendance had never tried this glorious dish. Shrieks and murmurs of horror ran through the holidaying piglets when this was mentioned and luckily the issue was soon fixed. This poor piglet was soon nodding its head vigorously in agreement that yes cauliflower cheese can change lives.

Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs with Vegemite Tin Soldiers and Fresh Chives

June 03 2015
Who knows how to cook the perfect boiled egg? You do piglet? All right, well you head off and Google cat videos, whilst the rest of you stay behind to learn the egg magic. Whilst it may seem like a simple thing, “anyone can boil an egg”, complete disasters can happen in the egg boiling department and you can end up with all sorts of disappointing finished products. Like when they’re so hard they get the black circle around the yolk. Oh dear sweet piglets.

Lamb, Garlic & Rosemary Meat Pies

May 20 2015
This Little Pig adores pies. Savory, sweet, custard, lemon, jam, mud....we could go on for hours! When the temperature dips to freezing though, these frosty porcines head straight for the savoury section and dive trotter first into a blend of slow cooked meat, herbs and golden flaky pastry.

This Little Pig's Mum & What To Cook This Mother's Day

May 06 2015
As Mother's Day approaches, This Little Pig decided to lay down its whisk and wooden spoon for a week to celebrate this fines swine’s Mum in the blog. This Little Pig’s Mum is a bit of a gem. She’s kind, generous, warm, funny and yes folks she’s a little bit weird. To also celebrate, This Little Pig is going to shower its Mum, Bron, with a serious amount of food on Mother’s Day. Therefore to skip the emotion and see some great Mother's Day food ideas, scroll to the bottom of this post. Otherwise, read on dear piglets, to hear of the weird and wonderful things about This Little Pig’s Mum.