Filtered By Summer Salad

Smoked Salmon, Bocconcini & Candied Walnut

February 17 2016
So it’s pretty hot right now piglets. This Little Pig was breezily trotting around yesterday morning thinking – “you know it’s not that bad outside” and then BANG midday struck and This Little Pig turned into a smoked ham on the spot. Now this fine swine has an oven the size of a small car and during summer, aims to turn it on for the least amount of time possible. You’ll hear the war cry, “fire up the barbie” ringing from This Little Pig’s snout regularly over the summer months. Therefore with smoked salmon in the fridge and some soft bocconcini, this piglet mused that it was probably time to crack out the crunchy and cool salad that is this recipe. It has the tangy, salty and sweet all combined together in one mouthful and to top it off, time spent over the cooktop is a measly 5 mins. What more could a swine ask for? “An ice cold beer, a masseuse and 4 day weekends” I hear you reply – but we can’t have everything at once dear piglet or life wouldn’t be special.

Poached Coconut Chicken on a crunchy slaw with Nuoc Cham Dressing

November 18 2015
This Little Pig felt like a smoked ham in a ham house this weekend just gone as temperatures soared up to 40 degrees. It’s trotters turned a deep shade of pink and it had a light sheen on its hocks that wasn’t very appealing. Luckily in times of intense heat, this fine swine likes to chill things down by slipping its hams into an iced bath and sipping on a cucumber spritz (read: turn all air conditioners on in the house and try not to move at all) and of course, whip up a cool and crunchy salad.