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Slow Cooked Beef Coconut Curry

May 06 2014
Inspired by the winter chill and the reality of living in a cottage that must have been built in times before insulat...

Winter Breakfast - Bircher Muesli with Warm Plum Compote.

April 30 2014
When the weather gets a little bit chilly, This Little Pig plops its trotters into snuggly ugh boots, wraps a badly k...

The Perfect Steak

April 23 2014
Sometimes it is the simple things in life that give This Little Pig the most happiness.  The simple thing in this ins...

A Good Friday Feast of Salmon (serves 6-8).

April 16 2014

Easter is upon us piglets, time to snack wildly on that chocolate, sleep in to ridiculous hours and for most, head down south with the masses (“we’ll get up early & miss the crowds” - famous last words).  This Little Pig is taking a light sabbatical over the Easter weekend but do not fear piglets, you have not been forgotten. This Little Pig has a magical Good Friday feast for your family & friends, that is quick, simple & oh so delicious to prepare & enjoy with a crisp white & good conversation.

A Light Repast Between Friends

April 08 2014

This Little Pig found itself with a wonderful friend, hungry one sunny Sunday lunch. Items were pulled from the fridge with a “ooh there’s some asparagus in here” and a “have you ever tried panko breadcrumbs? They’re gorj!” Soon a quick, light repaste between friends was bubbling away and it wasn’t long before their trotters were propped up with a gourmet crunchy bowl of delight & a lovely glass of buttery chardonnay.

Bet your button mushroom on this.

April 01 2014

“I bet you a button mushroom, I can fall asleep faster than you,” stated Jessica to Katherine after a particularly long day of deliveries at Little Pig HQ in the ‘napping room.’  Indeed she did fall asleep quicker than Katherine and later on that afternoon, button mushrooms were exchanged with muttered, “congratulations Jessica.”

Grazing Herbivore Goes to India - Spiced Pumpkin Curry

March 25 2014

This Little Pig is feeling a little sassy and spicy this week. Thinking fondly of the Chai Tea's, the fragrant rich curries & the man with no teeth yelling "caaaoooooooow!" whilst pointing at a herd of cows, takes This Little Pig back to a lovely trip to India last year. So This Little Pig leapt into the kitchen to give a vegetarian curry a 'red hot go.' Paisley the greyhound, This Little Pig's mascot, found the whole experience extremely stressful, but This Little Pig thrived under the warming spices, the sizzling of garlic & onion & the aromas wafting out of the kitchen.

Parsley Party! Wahoo!

March 18 2014

This Little Pig made a rather glorious error in their fresh veg order this week and requested double the amount of parsley necessary for the delivery run on the weekend. Wooooopsiiiiieee! Luckily, This Little Pig has a fabulous dressing that requires a good amount of parsley and thus in a nutshell, This Little Pig is doing an admirable job getting through a giant fridge full of parsley.  This includes making fabulous dressings, salads and omelettes and generally overloading every meal with glorious fresh parsley, not to mention handing zip lock bags of the stuff out to anyone who darkens this Little Pigs door step ("doooooon't forget your bag of paaaarsleeeeeeey").

The Lazy Sow Omelette

March 11 2014

Whilst This Little Pig loves eating, cooking and most of all eating, there comes a time even in This Little Pig’s life where time is of the essence and a slow roasted lamb shoulder ragu might take a little longer than This Little Pig has available. The key to enjoying simple delights that are quick and easy to prepare, is to have some fabulous staples on hand for those nights you come home late and are ready to collapse in a hungry heap. 

This Little Pig Likes to Party

March 04 2014

Dinner parties hold a love/hate relationship with This Little Pig.  First of all there is the love; soft glowing candlelight, great company, fabulous food & of course the free flowing red wines, that can occasionally entice guests up from the table and onto the lounge room floor for some gentle swaying to bad jazz or a raucous board game that always result in someone yelling dramatically, “CHEATER! YOU LOOKED!” 

Muesli Musings

February 25 2014

This Little Pig is a bit of an early riser (well not by choice piglets, more by necessity…you know what they say! “Early bird gets the best produce” or something like that), so often its porcine thoughts naturally turn to what delicious morsel will be on the menu for breakfast. Depending on what the day will bring, This Little Pig has been known to snuffle down on crunchy muesli with fresh blueberries, honey and yogurt or go the whole hog and take on a full cooked brekkie (Still dreaming of the Scrambled Eggs, Wilted Spinach and Chorizo with Aged Balsamic that was devoured at Sayers on the weekend….oh my.)

Quarrelling with Quinoa

February 11 2014

Quinoa is just so in right now isn't it piglets?  Everywhere This Little Pig goes they overhear someone power walking past in LuLu Lemon outfits exclaiming, "I just love Quinoa, it's the new superfood!" Well piglets you don't need to don spandex and attend yoga to find out the secrets of Quinoa. This Little Pig has gone behind enemy lines and done the research and now has the most fool proof recipe, for fools and standard fellows to follow.

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