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How a meatball can change your life - Ginger, Chive & 5 Spice Chick...

September 10 2014

Have you ever been mind boggled by the flavours you have eaten in a meal? This Little Pig has. This blog in particular blew this Little Pigs mind so much, that loud ‘mmmm’s’ and ‘aaaaah’s’ and ohmalawwwdddd’s’ were made whilst consuming these ginger & chive chicken meatballs in golden broth. This noodle broth sensation made this fine swine wish it could dive in and swim about in the golden broth slurping as it went. The fragrant gentle soup combined with tender chicken meatballs and slippery vermicelli noodles took flavours to a new level and caused one piglet to message the other piglet with the words; “today my life was changed by a chicken ball". So try it out piglets, it’s light, it’s fresh, it’s delightful and it is insanely easy to make.

Homemade Sausage Rolls a.k.a - Party for One!

September 03 2014

How do you make a sausage roll?

Push it down a hill.


Roasted Lemon Thyme Chicken with Crunchy Broccollini and Caramelize...

August 27 2014

This Little Pig made the terrible mistake of heading off to its local grocers on an empty stomach. Fabulous produce and glorious meats leapt into This Little Pig's shopping basket with surprising swiftness and soon this excited swine had a wonderful array of produce but no idea how it was all going to come together. Fortunately, a tiny tipple was left in a bottle of white wine on the kitchen bench and two of the items bought that day were chicken Marylands and a large punnet of fresh lemon thyme. This Little Pig had a bit of a light-bulb moment and proceeded to make the most amazing chicken that took it back to it's farm days of rustic pot belly fires, rain on the tin roof and golden, crispy roast chicken shared with the family.

Crunchy Home Made Granola

August 20 2014

Slightly sweet and a wonderful companion in the mornings… no This Little Pig is not talking about itself (hahaha). This fine swine is referring to the glorious, golden, crunchy and healthy breakfast bite.. granola.  This beauty is shockingly easy to make (mix it, drizzle it, bake it) and the reward is a divine crumble of deliciousness. Actually, when paired with a little creamy yoghurt and lashings of fresh fruit and berries, This Little Pig believes it could change a piglet’s life in some small but intense way.

Crispy Lime & Soy Glazed Chicken Stirfry with Crunchy Snowpeas, Pea...

August 13 2014

This Little Pig obviously has a love of the fancy and fabulous when it comes to food. However, on busy weeks when there has been far too much recipe testing and feasting, This Little Pig puts it’s trotter on the brake and seeks out some quick and easy chow for a casual weeknight dinner. This recipe is fast, easy and totally divine. With fresh flavours, crunchy snowpeas and crispy chicken, it gives great return for little effort. So pull out your ingredients and get stir-frying piglets! Oink!

Crispy & Chewy Dark Chocolate Chip Biscuits

August 06 2014

This Little Pig likes to think of itself as a savoury pig.  The idea of swirly frostings and cream ensconced cheesecakes do nothing for This Little Pig’s appetite. However there are a few items in the sweet variety that really do tickle this piglet’s tummy pink. One of these would have to be the often underrated, chocolate chip cookies. Is there anything better than a crunchy on the outside and slightly chewy and soft on the inside choc chip cookie dipped into a glass of milk or shared with a creamy coffee, I hear you ask? Nay piglets. Very few things. Very few things indeed. 

Pomegranate, Rosemary & Garlic Encrusted Lamb Shoulder with a Beetr...

July 30 2014

This Little Pig loves lamb. It’s favourite lamb award, must surely go to the slow roasted, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, lamb shoulder that falls apart at the stroke of a knife. Cook it for 3 hours and be rewarded with a tender roast that holds together yet melts in your mouth. Cook it for 5 hours and watch the meat flake apart at the touch of a fork as your heart melts with love at the same time. 

Fluffy & Scrumptious Scones.

July 21 2014

This Little Pig often has random guests pop in for a cup of tea and a chin wag.  The conversation usually revolves around the best way to flambé a prawn, bake a lasagna or just for a good old fashioned yarn. As a result, This Little Pig always keeps a few items handy in order to whip up a sweet nibble to go down with a steaming cup of gossip.

Bronze Wings - named after This Little Pig's mum Bron :)

July 16 2014

This Little Pig discussed it’s mum only last week, but here we are, bringing up the luscious sow again.  Perhaps this is due to the fact that so much of This Little Pig’s culinary inspiration comes from the lady herself, or perhaps it is just that all the best recipes This Little Pig knows are Brons very own creations.

The Cake of Happiness

July 09 2014

This Little Pig has a great mum. Bringing up lots of piglets must have been an arduous task at times, however ‘the luscious sow’ as she is affectionately named, rose to the task magnificently and raised (if we don’t say so ourselves), a fabulous litter.  Part of raising these glorious swines included feeding them to the brimful every morning, noon and night.  A staple in the Little Pig household, to keep the rumbling bellies at bay, was the cake that has now been named appropriately “The Cake of Happiness.”  Not too sweet yet delightful, moist and moreish, this cake will actually win friends and influence people but once you try it dear piglets, I fear you will snuffle down the lot rather than giving any to a friend.

Crispy Bacon, Potato & Leek Soup With Crunchy Bread.

July 02 2014

This Little Pig LOVES soup! Anything wilting in your fridge, just grab it out, chop it up, cook it with butter and garlic, add some stock water and voila you have a divine soup. Soups are wildly easy, quick and best had with a crunchy bread roll and a storm brewing outside..possibly with a little Ludovico playing in the background too. Today, This Little Pig was inspired by the terrible weather to not leave the house for some food foraging, but instead to look inside it’s own most loved fridge to see what this fine swine could cook up!

Gourmet Fish & Chips.

June 25 2014

There is something truly glorious about Fish and Chips. This Little Pig seems to crave these beauties about once a fortnight and is often led to temptation after a rather long week at Little Pig HQ.  The recipe for fish and chips today is no mere ‘call your local for any ole’ piece of fish and drop it in a deep fry basket with a bunch of frozen chips’ routine however, oh no dear piglets. This Little Pig has a gourmet fish and chips recipe and a crunchy healthy coleslaw for your taste buds, that is relatively easy to prepare and creates the most tender and tasty fish and chips you may perhaps ever try.

Slow Cooked Beef Stew with Parsnip, Sweet Potato Mash & Lemon Bruss...

June 18 2014

The weather was wild! Brooding clouds and the ominous squawks of crows filled the air. This Little Pig leapt into the car with Paisley the greyhound and tore down to the local butchers, “your finest stewing beef and step on it good sir!” This Little Pig yelled with gusto as it feverishly plucked winter veg from the green grocer next door. Home just in time for the rain to start spitting, This Little Pig felt very smug as veggies were chopped, onions & beef browned and a slow cooked beef stew was put on low to simmer away for the afternoon, warming the house and filling it with the promise of deliciousness!

Good ol’ Mac n Cheese!

June 11 2014

“I hate mac and cheese”, said no one…EVER! Well no one has ever dared say it in front of This Little Pig at least (thank goodness or they'd get a swift trotter to the back of the head). Admittedly macaroni cheese has certainly taken a backseat in today’s gourmet world, relegated to the shelf with the brown flairs, the cheese fondues and pigs in a blanket (fun name) kind of era. Well fear not piglets, This Little Pig has a love of cheese, pasta and bacon and when you combine all three of these loves, well… that’s when magic happens. Oooink!

Crispy Chorizo, Roasted Cherry Tomato, Caramelised Garlic & Chicken...

June 04 2014

Risottos are magical aren’t they? Creamy, cheesy & full of wine, This Little Pig could eat risotto until the cows come home (and then they would cook up the cow, pop it in the risotto and have some more – just kiidinnnngggg grazing herbivore friends).

Soup for a Funghi (eh? eh?)

May 27 2014

This Little Pig has a certain fondness for winter soups! They are so easy to put together, taste a million dollars and warm This Little Pigs cockles.  Soups can sometimes be overlooked as a main meal, but with a freshly baked crunchy ciabatta smeared with creamy butter, scrunches of pepper and fresh herbs, a soup can be a star in the kitchen. So roll up your sleeves and take the ridiculously quick 10 mins required to prepare this beauty and do not skimp on the crusty bread for dipping please piglets!

The Perfect Chicken Roast.

May 21 2014

 It was pouring with rain all around This Little Pig’s house and the dark and stormy day screamed “POP A SLOW ROAST INTO THE OVEN LITTLE PIG!” So that is what This Little Pig did. A roast chicken is one of the most simple and delightfully easy meal to prepare and the joy it brings is immeasurable.  This Little Pig is about to debunk the myth that cooking a roast must be a troublesome event and prove instead, how much pure happiness can be found in throwing everything into one tray and into the oven. Let the warmth and the delightful scents warm yourself and your heart this winter piglets. Oink.

Chilli Mussels - big, strong mussels for all!

May 14 2014
Sometimes This Little Pig finds that a dish can look and sound complicated, but then on closer inspection and a guidi...
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