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Pork & Fennel Sausages w Silky Dill Mash & Mushroom, Red Onion Gravy

August 22 2019
This recipe is such a great Winter meal. It’s fabulous for when you have people coming over, as you can make it before hand and then reheat when you sit down to eat, it’s quick to make and it’s so bloody delicious that there will groans of delight around the table.

White Wine & Garlic Mussels – Dreaming of Slovenia

September 29 2016
Picture this if you will piglets. Sitting in a tiny cobblestoned street in Ljubiana, Slovenia. Crisp white wine firmly in trotter, the sounds of jazz drifting down the street and then BAM. The incredible smell of garlic and butter wafts past the snout. This is the experience that This Little Pig had on it’s recent European adventure and what an experience it was. This fine swine sidled up to the chef who was tossing the butter and garlic around in a giant paella pan on the street, leaned in a little too intimately and asked “what have you got there young man?” Luckily the young man spoke English and luckily he didn’t mind the overtly friendly piglet beaming up at him. Soon enough giant bowlfuls of white wine and garlic mussels were being ladled out and mopped up with crusty pieces of sourdough bread and snorts of pure delight ricocheting off the alley walls. It was literally a lasting memory for This Little Pig and one of the best meals ever eaten.

Potato Salad with Free Range Egg, Fresh Corn & Creamy Aioli.

January 14 2015
This Little Pig has a pet hate when it comes to attending summer lunches. Nothing is more disheartening for this fine swine than attending an event, thinking “OOOooooOO they’ve got potato salad, hooray!” and then upon piling up ones plate and taking a giant mouthful – it’s a bland potato salad. The worst. And then of course you have to eat it all because it’s on your plate now and your mother bought you up to be a polite swine.

Bun Bo Xao (Crunchy Vermicelli Salad with Sesame & Ginger Beef)

January 07 2015
This Little Pig turns to it’s ultimate comfort food for hot weather. For some reason This Little Pig likens this dish to the Vietnamese version of spaghetti in terms of taste and happiness. It’s fun to eat, it’s satisfying and the fresh sweet, sour and tangy combination of flavours will have you slurping to way past the point of full.

Beetroot, Green Apple & Shallot Relish

December 17 2014
A few years ago This Little Pig was lying on the couch with one trotter dangling over the edge, dealing with the effects of a quiet Christmas party gone awry. Blearily This Little Pig watched its housemate gently stir a pot of beetroot relish with love, preparing Christmas favours for all her family and friends. Now at the time this flattened swine was thinking, “that looks like a lot of effort – just head to Simon and Johnson you energetic fool.” However over time This Little Pig has had a change of heart and come to the conclusion that homemade goodies really are the most divine present AND to top it all off they don’t take up too much room in people’s homes (just their bellies). Remember no house filling junk this year piglets!

Salted Caramel Popcorn

December 10 2014

As this is a porcine circle of trust, we feel that we should be honest... Salted caramel popcorn may not be the most incredibly healthy thing, but neither is stuffing yourself to the point of passing out on Christmas day! (And we all do it don’t we piglets?) So take your guilt at making a naughty treat and pop that in the filing drawer to be reviewed after the new year in early January. You may as well make a fresh start all at once we think!

Tomato, Avocado Salsa on a Poached Free Range Egg, Cheddar Cheese T...

December 03 2014

This Little Pig sometimes wakes up and just feels like donning a moustache. It’s not a feeling this swine can explain, but it feels that it may come from craving the delightful flavours of a fresh Mexican breakfast. Luckily, This Little Pig has the perfect dish that is light, filling and juuuuuust right for a Sunday morning treat.

Summer Strawberry, Parma Ham, Mint & Haloumi Rocket Salad.

November 26 2014

This Little Pig loves salad season. So many varieties and so many hot summers nights that scream, “lets have a salad piglets!!” This fine swine particularly loves creamy avocados, zingy summer fruits and smooth fettas to take a salad to a whole new level.

The Lazy Swines Pasta

November 19 2014

After a big day at LPHQ This Little Pig sometimes has extremely weary trotters. Its soul barely stirs at the thought of cooking a divine meal and the thought of takeaway swims across this swine’s blurry vision enticingly. Luckily this porcine has the perfect remedy for such an occasion with a quick, easy and satisfying meal that brightens up This Little Pig and/or sends it into a food coma (either is satisfactory).

Creamy Yoghurt Chocolate Dip with a Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter.

November 12 2014

Picture this if you will piglets. You’ve invited some lovely swine’s over for dinner that you wouldn’t mind impressing, yet at the same time you need understated effort. A bit of “oh what this? Ohhh I just threw it together this afternoon..” if you catch the drift piglets. You’ve created the perfect entrée and main course (perhaps the pork belly from last week’s blog) and as the day rolls on suddenly you think, “oh blimey, I forgot to organize dessert.”

Crispy Skinned Pork Belly Poached in Star Anise, White Wine & Fennel.

November 05 2014

All awkward piglet puns and jokes aside, This Little Pig loves Pork Belly! It used to have serious issues cooking the thing; having varied results and a constant commentary of “is it cooked all the way through yet?” and “darn the skin's not crispy.” Luckily This Little Pig FINALLY stumbled across a fabulous recipe that guarantees crispy skinned, tender pork and has never looked back, riding a golden wave to food heaven. This number is delicious and really easy and would be perfect to win friends and influence people at a dinner party. Whilst the use of fennel may alarm the piglets in the audience who dislike the aniseed taste, This Little Pig assures you that it comes out tasting not of aniseed but of delicious garlic, white wine and herbed goodness. So just give it a try piglets. Oink!

Warm Ginger & Orange Stewed Rhubarb.

October 29 2014

This Little Pigs Grandma has the most amazing veggie patch this world has seen. Giant bulbs of garlic, luscious silver beet, gentle sweet peas and earthy potatoes are all blossoming in this little patch of delightfulness. One of this fine swine’s favourite foraged foods from Grandma Olives is glossy rhubarb sticks, ripe and ready to be stewed.

Mushroom, Leek & Lemon Thyme Carbonara.

October 22 2014

This Little Pig loves pasta more than the average Joe. In fact if it were socially acceptable this carb loading swine would probably have it for every meal. So often when This Little Pig’s trotters are beyond tired, it turns to a quick and simple carbonara to take it’s woes away and replace those blues with a food coma of happiness like no other. Quick, easy and a little bit indulgent this carbonara will delight your senses and fill you with abundant happiness on a weary Monday night.

Bacon & Roma Tomato Quiche

October 15 2014

This Little Pig had the chance to spend a long weekend down south with their fabulous family. Many bubbles were downed, giant piles of gourmet food were consumed and several long walks on the beach evened things out. This Little Pig spent the weekend happily laboring over giant lasagnas, slow roasting sumac and pomegranate molasses lamb shoulders and tossing fresh salads and slaws into bowls. Towards the end, with belly’s groaning, the ungrateful piglets begged for a lighter lunch to ease their guilt at the overconsumption of their weekend and This Little Pig complied gracefully. This light and fluffy quiche is a fabulous choice for warm spring days. It can be accompanied with a simple salad and a crisp glass of chardonnay. Give it a try piglets and be overwhelmed at the joy a simple quiche can bring to one’s day.

Greek Roast Lamb with Crunchy Preserved Lemon Salad.

October 08 2014

As the season changes, this little pig sheds its warm tracky pants, throws off the soft cardigans and woolly ugh boots and comes out of hibernation. Away goes the slow cooker and out comes the BBQ with a cheer. A tentative snout is poked out the door to smell the sweet spring air and it’s not long before This Little Pigs house is full of the smell of fresh citrus, spring lamb, bruised mint and the chatter of good friends.

Crunchy Asparagus with Chilli, Sea Salt & Shavings of Parmesan

October 01 2014

This Little Pig often thinks that it has the best job in the world. Yesterday was indeed one of those days. Roaring off to Edgecombe Brothers Winery in the Swan Valley to attend an asparagus master class with the bright blue sky and a light breeze playing at This Little Pigs snout indeed put this swine in a fabulous mood.

Crispy Lemon Salmon with a Crunchy Seasonal Spring Salad.

September 23 2014

This Little Pig loves Spring. Not only does it bring the first hint of warmth to the air but it also entices out of the ground, fabulous spears of asparagus, juicy zucchini’s and glossy leeks. Spring turns This Little Pig a bit silly and for the first few weeks of the season you will find asparagus spears in almost every dish this piglet creates. Today This Little Pig has a real spring doozey! Fresh, light and crunchy, the textures of creaminess, crunch, spice and silkiness will transport you to a warm spring day and bring a tear of joy to your eyeball. Pull out your peeler and fry pan, this is one dish that you will want to create again and again lovely piglets! Oiiiink!

Gourmet Bacon & Egg Sandwich with Smokey BBQ Relish.

September 17 2014

Bacon & Egg sandwiches have got to be up there in the top ten of This Little Pig’s all time breakfast faves. It’s filling, it’s bacon-ey and it’s bloody delicious! On an average big breakfast morning, This Little Pig will slather it’s bread with some aioli, lazily drop some rashers of bacon into the frying pan and crack in an egg or two, nothing too spesh.

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