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Rosemary & Garlic Panko Crumbed Lamb Chops

April 26 2017
Has anyone ever said to you “one day we’ll just need to take a pill for our food and life will be so much easier”? This Little Pig has had many swine’s say this over the years and it imagines getting a big glazed honey and ginger ham leg and clonking it over their head. I mean who in their right mind would indulge the idea of forgoing food for a pill? This fine swine often thinks about that statement when it eats particularly delicious things and this crumbed lamb chop recipe was one such dish.

Parmesan Pork Meatball Drop Spaghetti

February 28 2017
 Ranking just slightly lower than a few handpicked individuals, there is not many things in life that This Little Pig loves more than spaghetti meatballs. This fine swine cannot quite put it’s trotter on why exactly. Perhaps it is the slippery moorish pasta that can be twirled and swirled, perhaps it is the salty and juicy chunks of meatball or perhaps it is the glossy sugo that coats and infuses the pasta. All This Little Pig does know… is that it loves it with a passion close to a religious zeal. Amen.

Mexican Steak Wraps with Avocado & Black Bean Salsa

October 27 2016
It recently came to the attention of this fine swine that not enough avocados were being consumed during peak avocado season. Avocados have come down from about $39 per avocado to a delightful $1.50 and this porcine has been slack in its use of them. “Panic stations!” this piglet roared and leapt onto its’ bicycle to pedal furiously down to the shops. However, the problem was fixed and there’s no use crying over spilt avocado and so onwards and upwards to this fresh, filling and super delicious lunch or dinner that you can whip up and even take for leftovers to work the next day. Oink.

Roasted Veg Hummus Freekah Bowl

October 20 2016
This Little Pig had the fortunate experience of going out to breakfast at Henry on Eighth in Maylands the other day. 2 Weeks on, this fine swine is still thinking of the incredible breakfast it had there (does everyone do this or is this piglet alone in this regard?). Therefore with the inability to be able to go to Henry on Eighth every day for breakfast (because that’s socially unacceptable apparently) this piglet decided to roll up it’s sleeves and have a crack at recreating the deliciousness of that meal.

Poached Ginger Chicken with Brown Rice and Asian Greens

October 13 2016

This Little Pig cooks dinner every Monday night without fail. Whatever ends up as dinner is often a direct reflection of this fine swines mental state. If This Little Pig has had a powerful and productive day, the meal is often some delightful gentle roasted meat with caramelised vegetables and lush salads. If this poor piglet has had an atrocious day it will often be an overdone, rubbery steak and an undercooked jacket potato which will then send this porcine further into the dark murky depths of self loathing. This Little Pig’s husband is always very kind but you can notice a dubious face as he pokes at the potato and then quickly slathers it with butter and salt.


Amelia's Ancient Grain Salad

October 06 2016

White Wine & Garlic Mussels – Dreaming of Slovenia

September 29 2016
Picture this if you will piglets. Sitting in a tiny cobblestoned street in Ljubiana, Slovenia. Crisp white wine firmly in trotter, the sounds of jazz drifting down the street and then BAM. The incredible smell of garlic and butter wafts past the snout. This is the experience that This Little Pig had on it’s recent European adventure and what an experience it was. This fine swine sidled up to the chef who was tossing the butter and garlic around in a giant paella pan on the street, leaned in a little too intimately and asked “what have you got there young man?” Luckily the young man spoke English and luckily he didn’t mind the overtly friendly piglet beaming up at him. Soon enough giant bowlfuls of white wine and garlic mussels were being ladled out and mopped up with crusty pieces of sourdough bread and snorts of pure delight ricocheting off the alley walls. It was literally a lasting memory for This Little Pig and one of the best meals ever eaten.

Avocado Smash - The Right Way To Breakfast

September 19 2016
This Little Pig loves avocado. It likes to say out loud every time avocado is used, that its “nature’s butter” because its full of good fats. This tends to get old with This Little Pigs husband but luckily he is a patient man and delicious food ends up being placed on the table soon after this avocado quote is chirpily said out loud.

Roasted Pumpkin King Israeli Cous Cous with Toasted Almonds

August 29 2016
With the first few Spring-like days peeking its head out last week, This Little Pig got wildly excited. Spring is such a fabulous time in the garden and all sorts of glorious vegetables start becoming abundant in the veggie patch. The stew pot is pushed to the back and makes way for lovely salads with the last of the root veg in the pantry. This salad is a delicious one to make with a slow roasted meat when friends are coming over. It can be prepared ahead of time and served with a slow roasted lamb shoulder and a zingy yoghurt dressing to create the perfect dinner party meal.

Goats Cheese, Thyme & Bacon Tart

August 08 2016
If you are anything like This Little Pig, winter means donning several layers of clothes, placing your phone on silent and just eating solidly for at least 4 months until the sun comes out again. Most of this food is slow roasted meats and deliciously rich stews with crusty baguettes thrown in when necessary. However after extensive eating of these food groups, This Little Pig realizes that there is probably a need to have something a little lighter every now and then. This is where the classic goats cheese tart steps in as the hero. It is quick, easy and delicious and goes delightfully well with a crunchy fresh salad to brighten up a winter’s day. It makes great lunches, fabulous light dinners when a casual friend is coming over and it warms up the house if you “forget to turn the oven off” after you pull it out. Really it’s a win-win piglets!

Sticky Sweet & Sour Sesame Pork with Ginger Soba Noodle Stirfry

April 15 2016
This Little Pig has a confession to make. Although it appears to lead a lavish lifestyle of home baked bread, handmade preserves and giant roast chicken’s, this fine swine can often be spotted out and about buying its meals. After a day spent pouring over produce and recipe testing there is nothing quite so satisfying as calling up Hin at the local Vietnamese restaurant and placing an order whilst scrolling through Netflix.

Thai Fish Cakes With Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce

March 29 2016
This Little Pig had the rare and delightful problem of leftover fish in its fridge. It also had some wilted coriander, a dodgy looking lime and chilli and a small piece of dried out ginger. “Wow!” I bet you’re thinking – “this is going to be a terrible recipe”. NOT SO PIGLET! What was created below was mind bogglingly good and This Little Pig could barely restrain itself from snuffling the lot. So whilst This Little Pig has heard rumours of how frustrating it is when food bloggers say “all these ingredients were just in my pantry” and the ingredients include pomegranate molasses, porcini mushrooms & a salted cod from Venice. Unfortunately this fine swine has to say that…well the ingredients below were indeed in it’s pantry and fridge and to be honest not many of them were in a good way – except for the fish, which is probably the most important thing here.

Chicken Asian Chop Salad with Handmade Satay

March 16 2016
On This Little Pig’s honeymoon recently, this fine swine floated its trotters in the ocean foam, scuba dived with giant sea turtles and ate its body weight in chicken satay. Therefore once safely home with only the hint of a summer tan across its snout remaining, this porcine decided it was time to utilize the satay sauce it learnt, whilst on holidays, in a whole new way.

Late Summer Goats Chevre, Avocado & Thyme Bruschetta

March 08 2016

This Little Pig stayed by the beach this weekend with some of its fabulous family. After a few gentle Rieslings and cheese on the balcony, it was announced that a light repast would be just the ticket to finish the evening off. So this fine swine stuck its slightly wine infused snout into the fridge and had a little rustle around. Lo and behold all the ingredients for a light, easy and oh so breezy bruschetta revealed itself. It was an absolute beauty piglets, so quick to make and so satisfying, this is one for a Sunday night dinner where you want something, but just not very much of something.

Pancetta Carbonara a.k.a Friday Night Perfection

March 01 2016
If on any given day someone were to ask this fine swine if it were carb loading, the answer would be yes. If on that same day someone were to ask this fine swine, was it in marathon training, the answer would be no. This Little Pig just loves, loves, loves pasta. Surely one doesn’t need to run a marathon to have the excuse to eat pasta daily?!

Mushroom & Pepper Steak Mini Pies

January 20 2016
Australia Day is a memorable day for This Little Pig. First off, it’s this fine swine husbands’ (husband since NYE that is, wahooooo) favourite day of the year. He pulls on small football shorts, pops on a bluey and sits in the pool with beers and the Triple J Hottest 100 for the entire day and is the happiest swine this world has seen. It is also the day before This Little Pigs birthday, so this fine swine tries to stay awake long after the fireworks so at the stroke of midnight it can screech, “It’s my birthday!” to any drunken revelers left standing. It is also the day that a wonderful man left this world and his name was Gramps. A man who owned a giant grin, a jingly pocket of coins and a disposition so sunny it could grow sunflowers in the darkest cave. So for many reasons Australia Day is important to this fine swine and you know what else is important (No! I hear you exclaim.)? Food is my dear piglet. Glorious, glorious food.

Garlic & Chilli Prawns with a Crunchy Honey Cos, Avocado & Spring O...

November 25 2015
This Little Pig thinks summer is all about quick, cool meals that don’t require much time spent over its giant stove. Monday found this fine swine dragging its feet through the day and therefore a light repast was all this Little Pig could think of making for its fine fiancée a.k.a The Weaner (he's still not keen on that name sadly).

#tinselcoveredtrotters - Edition 1, This Little Pig's hot tips!

November 04 2015
We thought, that this year we might share some of our red hot tips for an easy, stress free & delicious Christmas. Followed up over the next few weeks by some wonderful gift suggestions for you, from local business who you NEED to know about. So settle in sweet swines, wrap some tinsel around yourself suggestively, pour a wine (if your not at work that is) and read on for the first edition of #tinselcoveredtrotters
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