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Pork & Fennel Sausages w Silky Dill Mash & Mushroom, Red Onion Gravy

August 22 2019
This recipe is such a great Winter meal. It’s fabulous for when you have people coming over, as you can make it before hand and then reheat when you sit down to eat, it’s quick to make and it’s so bloody delicious that there will groans of delight around the table.

Simple Friday Rose Pasta

September 22 2015

This Fine Swine can be super complex like a good red wine. However, after a busy week this porcine is known to be incredibly lazy in the kitchen. This is where the rose pasta sauce steps in. Imparted to This Little Pig by the brilliant Linda from Golden Ravioli one fine Friday afternoon, This Little Pig has never looked back when it comes to an easy Friday night dinner at home. It’s quick, requires few ingredients and the depth and richness to the flavours is actually quite amazing when you read how simple the ingredients are.

Bacon, Egg, Thyme & Persian Fetta Mini Breakfast Pies

September 16 2015
This Little Pig had an excess of eggs from its glorious bunch of girls, a.k.a the hens and so it decided today was the day to fling open the doors to the spring air and share with its dear piglets the glorious recipe for bacon & egg mini pies.

Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder + Vietnamese Banh Mi

September 08 2015
This Little Pig has the most simple roast pork recipe in the world. Anyone could do this. If any of this porcine’s friends who had kids would have let it, it would have got a four year old to try out this recipe to show the world how easy it is. Unfortunately and bizarre-ly enough, parents get squeamish with four year olds pulling sizzling hot trays out the oven. will just have to take This Little Pigs word for it, that this is an easy recipe.