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Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom Pasta - pasta for the soul

August 30 2017
There are few ingredients in the world that bacon does not go with and this recipe is no exception. It’s just a real classic mid-week dinner that This Little Pig’s mum used to make her four piglets (that’s right FOUR) to fill up their tum’s and produce squeals of delight. It’s simple fare but one cannot live the year on oysters and champagne alone, one must have sustenance and this comes in the form of pasta, pasta and more pasta.

Roasted Cherry Tomato, Caramelised Garlic & Crispy Prosciutto Lingu...

November 22 2016
How good is pasta piglets? At the end of a long and busy day there is nothing better than removing one’s pants, settling in on the couch and twirling some lovely comforting pasta around ones fork whilst it yells at the TV show on the screen sloshing wine down it’s front in the process. Or…perhaps if you have your life together and are social and outgoing, a good bowl of pasta can also be enjoyed with friends and loved ones (or so they say). Whatever your social circumstances, pasta is amazing and this beauty is awkwardly easy and insanely, satisfyingly, delicious.

Simple Friday Rose Pasta

September 22 2015

This Fine Swine can be super complex like a good red wine. However, after a busy week this porcine is known to be incredibly lazy in the kitchen. This is where the rose pasta sauce steps in. Imparted to This Little Pig by the brilliant Linda from Golden Ravioli one fine Friday afternoon, This Little Pig has never looked back when it comes to an easy Friday night dinner at home. It’s quick, requires few ingredients and the depth and richness to the flavours is actually quite amazing when you read how simple the ingredients are.

Perfect Pesto For Porcine Piglets.

April 14 2015
This is delish piglets. It’s fresh, it uses up the last big bunches of Basil before the cold gobbles them up and it is so moreish. Whip up a giant batch and pop it in a bottle or whip up a small batch and use it all in one go. Whatever you do just make this and delight in the beautiful smells of smashed basil and zesty Parmesan. Oink!