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Pork & Fennel Sausages w Silky Dill Mash & Mushroom, Red Onion Gravy

August 22 2019
This recipe is such a great Winter meal. It’s fabulous for when you have people coming over, as you can make it before hand and then reheat when you sit down to eat, it’s quick to make and it’s so bloody delicious that there will groans of delight around the table.

Braised Cherry Tomato Spaghetti with Giant Parmesan Meatball. A.K.A...

February 18 2015
This Little Pig once took its trotters all the way to Chicago for a work trip. At a fabulous Italian restaurant this carb loading swine could not resist the spaghetti meatballs – an oldie but always a goodie. Imagine This Little Pig’s surprise when a bowl of spaghetti came out with just one giant meatball on top. This piglet could not stop its snorts of laughter for the whole meal but agreed at the end that not only was it extremely delicious it was also a lot of fun to eat.

Potato Salad with Free Range Egg, Fresh Corn & Creamy Aioli.

January 14 2015
This Little Pig has a pet hate when it comes to attending summer lunches. Nothing is more disheartening for this fine swine than attending an event, thinking “OOOooooOO they’ve got potato salad, hooray!” and then upon piling up ones plate and taking a giant mouthful – it’s a bland potato salad. The worst. And then of course you have to eat it all because it’s on your plate now and your mother bought you up to be a polite swine.

Bun Bo Xao (Crunchy Vermicelli Salad with Sesame & Ginger Beef)

January 07 2015
This Little Pig turns to it’s ultimate comfort food for hot weather. For some reason This Little Pig likens this dish to the Vietnamese version of spaghetti in terms of taste and happiness. It’s fun to eat, it’s satisfying and the fresh sweet, sour and tangy combination of flavours will have you slurping to way past the point of full.

Beetroot, Green Apple & Shallot Relish

December 17 2014
A few years ago This Little Pig was lying on the couch with one trotter dangling over the edge, dealing with the effects of a quiet Christmas party gone awry. Blearily This Little Pig watched its housemate gently stir a pot of beetroot relish with love, preparing Christmas favours for all her family and friends. Now at the time this flattened swine was thinking, “that looks like a lot of effort – just head to Simon and Johnson you energetic fool.” However over time This Little Pig has had a change of heart and come to the conclusion that homemade goodies really are the most divine present AND to top it all off they don’t take up too much room in people’s homes (just their bellies). Remember no house filling junk this year piglets!

Pigs in Print

May 14 2014
This Little Pig became a famous swine last Thursday as it debuted in the Thursday 'Fresh' section of The West. Wildly...

All I want for Christmas is Ham

November 26 2013

Yesterday, This Little Pig rolled up its cardigan to it’s ham hock elbows and plunged excitedly into recipe testing This Little Pig does Christmas. Giant free range hams, plump turkeys stuffed with cranberry and pistachio & butterflied chicken breasts wrapped around wild field mushroom and bacon was strewn over the benches of Little Pig HQ.

Hoooooly Mother

August 08 2013

This Little Pig Went to Market is so in love with food that sometimes the joy is impossible to explain or contain.  Often in The Little Pig kitchen, a reverence is cast over the cooking event and the sheer love it brings to the creators is almost awkward to behold and leaves many questioning, ‘why isn’t this Little Pig larger considering how much they love to eat?’