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Roasted Cherry Tomato, Caramelised Garlic & Crispy Prosciutto Lingu...

November 22 2016
How good is pasta piglets? At the end of a long and busy day there is nothing better than removing one’s pants, settling in on the couch and twirling some lovely comforting pasta around ones fork whilst it yells at the TV show on the screen sloshing wine down it’s front in the process. Or…perhaps if you have your life together and are social and outgoing, a good bowl of pasta can also be enjoyed with friends and loved ones (or so they say). Whatever your social circumstances, pasta is amazing and this beauty is awkwardly easy and insanely, satisfyingly, delicious.

White Wine & Garlic Mussels – Dreaming of Slovenia

September 29 2016
Picture this if you will piglets. Sitting in a tiny cobblestoned street in Ljubiana, Slovenia. Crisp white wine firmly in trotter, the sounds of jazz drifting down the street and then BAM. The incredible smell of garlic and butter wafts past the snout. This is the experience that This Little Pig had on it’s recent European adventure and what an experience it was. This fine swine sidled up to the chef who was tossing the butter and garlic around in a giant paella pan on the street, leaned in a little too intimately and asked “what have you got there young man?” Luckily the young man spoke English and luckily he didn’t mind the overtly friendly piglet beaming up at him. Soon enough giant bowlfuls of white wine and garlic mussels were being ladled out and mopped up with crusty pieces of sourdough bread and snorts of pure delight ricocheting off the alley walls. It was literally a lasting memory for This Little Pig and one of the best meals ever eaten.