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What to Cook Your Mum on Mothers Day

May 10 2017
“Mum you’re practically perfect in every way as a mum”. These are the words that This Little Pig uttered at it’s mother just on Monday. It was after a rather long and busy pack of Little Pig boxes and when these fine swines thanked their mother for her help she said “it was a priviledge to be here with you piglets”. Now if that isn’t the most gloriously good attitude we don’t know what is. Mothers are wonderful creatures, and in the case of Little Pig, very necessary to the mental and emotional health of these fine swines. Therefore the porcines use Mothers Day as a way to shower their Bron with glorious gifts and of course….food.

Chinese Breakfast Noodle Bowl

April 19 2017
Life for This Little Pig is full of complex and luxurious food that after a while this porcine takes for granted and starts thinking that oysters and lamb chops are fridge staples and “leftovers night” is a quick homemade sundried tomato pesto with roasted cherry tomatoes and lashings of prosciutto. However, every now and then (like after Easter long weekend) this fine swine’s pantry does hit rock bottom and from desperation delicious things are born.

Avocado Smash - The Right Way To Breakfast

September 19 2016
This Little Pig loves avocado. It likes to say out loud every time avocado is used, that its “nature’s butter” because its full of good fats. This tends to get old with This Little Pigs husband but luckily he is a patient man and delicious food ends up being placed on the table soon after this avocado quote is chirpily said out loud.

Bacon, Egg, Thyme & Persian Fetta Mini Breakfast Pies

September 16 2015
This Little Pig had an excess of eggs from its glorious bunch of girls, a.k.a the hens and so it decided today was the day to fling open the doors to the spring air and share with its dear piglets the glorious recipe for bacon & egg mini pies.

Silky Chive and Dill Scrambled Eggs on a crunchy Ciabatta with lash...

July 08 2015
This Little Pig likes to visit the Tuck Shop in Northbridge at a minimum of once per week and devour its goat’s curd, tomato and basil bruschetta. However at times, this fine swine can barely drag its trotters out of bed, let alone to Northbridge. Therefore it must come up with a humble substitute to match its coffee and fill its belly. This is the go to breakfast for any days that are a little dull or damp when this porcine needs a LIFT in the form of crispy, crispy bacon and creamy goats cheese.

Cardamom & Nutmeg French Toast with Caramelised Fig, Strawberry & R...

April 01 2015
Breakfast is This Little Pigs favourite meal of the day. There’s really no rules when it comes to breakfast in This Little Pigs mind. You can catch this fine swine chowing down some spaghetti Bolognese for breakfast or on the odd occasion finishing off hamburgers from last night’s dinner. However, mostly you will see silky scrambled eggs in the pan or a golden crust of the perfect cheese omelet being formed and toasts flinging themselves from the over exuberant toaster. On the mornings This Little Pig sits bolt upright in bed with a sweet craving like no other (often after a Saturday wine or two), French toast is there to lend This Little Pig a sweet hug of golden, caramelized deliciousness.