Filtered By Bacon

Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom Pasta - pasta for the soul

August 30 2017
There are few ingredients in the world that bacon does not go with and this recipe is no exception. It’s just a real classic mid-week dinner that This Little Pig’s mum used to make her four piglets (that’s right FOUR) to fill up their tum’s and produce squeals of delight. It’s simple fare but one cannot live the year on oysters and champagne alone, one must have sustenance and this comes in the form of pasta, pasta and more pasta.

Goats Cheese, Thyme & Bacon Tart

August 08 2016
If you are anything like This Little Pig, winter means donning several layers of clothes, placing your phone on silent and just eating solidly for at least 4 months until the sun comes out again. Most of this food is slow roasted meats and deliciously rich stews with crusty baguettes thrown in when necessary. However after extensive eating of these food groups, This Little Pig realizes that there is probably a need to have something a little lighter every now and then. This is where the classic goats cheese tart steps in as the hero. It is quick, easy and delicious and goes delightfully well with a crunchy fresh salad to brighten up a winter’s day. It makes great lunches, fabulous light dinners when a casual friend is coming over and it warms up the house if you “forget to turn the oven off” after you pull it out. Really it’s a win-win piglets!

Silky Chive and Dill Scrambled Eggs on a crunchy Ciabatta with lash...

July 08 2015
This Little Pig likes to visit the Tuck Shop in Northbridge at a minimum of once per week and devour its goat’s curd, tomato and basil bruschetta. However at times, this fine swine can barely drag its trotters out of bed, let alone to Northbridge. Therefore it must come up with a humble substitute to match its coffee and fill its belly. This is the go to breakfast for any days that are a little dull or damp when this porcine needs a LIFT in the form of crispy, crispy bacon and creamy goats cheese.